The youth at frontline of anti-COVID-19 fight

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Latest Update

From 00:00 to 24:00 on January 12, Xi'an reported 6 new locally transmitted cases, all in Xi'an. Among them, 4 were found in the quarantined; 2 were among key individuals. 122 were discharged from hospital.

Since the latest outbreak in Shaanxi, all universities have imposed closed-off management. To mitigate the impact of the epidemic on students' studies and lives, schools have made all efforts to ensure supply of daily necessities and smooth internet access for online teaching, etc., while a large number of students have been volunteering and making their own contributions to the fight against the virus.

Xi'an Jiaontong University


Student volunteers of XJTU help candidates taking the 2022 Graduate Entrance Examination


Student volunteers of XJTU helped with the NAT organized by the university hospital

To ensure the National Graduate Entrance Examination go smooth from December 25 to 27, 2021, college volunteers from examination sites in Xi'an arrived at their posts at 4:00 or 5:00 a.m., ready to provide candidates with entrance verification, route and NAT guidance and other services.

Chang'an University


Volunteers of Chang'an University and medical personnel from the Affiliated Hospital of SUCM, all Party members, still worked at the frontline of the anti-COVID-19 fight during the New Year's Day holiday.

By January 3, more than 12,000 volunteers from Chang'an University have joined in order maintenance, meal delivery, supply delivery, and other epidemic prevention and control work.

Northwest University


At 8:10 in the morning, volunteers of the university gathered and started to have the training


Tan Xiaobo, a graduate student from the School of Public Administration who joined the volunteer team, put on a protective suit, distributed sampling swabs and reagents for the medical staff, and sent the completed samples back to the testing center.

Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine


Ma Wenxuan, a 1997-born Kazakhstan student at SUTCM volunteered in the COVID-19 response.  He said that "Shaanxi is my second hometown", "I'm a foreigner, but not an outsider".  

Xi'an International Studies University


On January 7, a team of 10 volunteers from the College of Chinese Studies and the International Department, including department directors, student-related-work officers, teachers and their families, and building management staff, worked non-stop for more than four hours to deliver steaming, delicious dumplings to 41 international students.


Shen Ruoyan, a monitor from the School of Advanced Translation, has volunteered to deliver meals to her fellow students who were preparing for graduate examination and in quarantine. Besides, from January 2 to the present, Shen Ruyan has been helping dispose cafeteria waste and domestic waste in the seven dormitory buildings. The cleaning work takes over six hours a day.

Xidian University


Gao Yongkai, a Communications Engineering student at Xidian University set up a "COVID -19 Aid Document".  The advantage of real-time online editing has enabled the document to collect a large amount of practical information in the shortest possible time of study places, package delivery, water delivery, printing stores and etc. With over 300,000 visits, it has become a "treasure book" for students during this special time.


Zhang Yujian, a Computer Science student, has developed a WeChat mini-program that allows "online meal selection" for all students isolated in the dormitory. In less than a day, the mini-programe has registered over 30,000 hits.

Xi’an International University


Zhang Tengfei, a 2019 student of Xi’an International University, volunteered more than 10 hours a day and walked more than 30,000 steps a day.


Students: The university needs us and Xi'an needs us, so we didn't hesitate to join the volunteering team.

In this epidemic, countless college volunteers stepped forward bravely, and with their courage and spirit, the youth are making their own contribution at the frontline of the epidemic control.

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