0 newly confirmed cases in Xi'an on Mar 19

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Latest update on COVID-19 in Shaanxi

From 0:00 to 24:00 on March 19, there were 25 newly confirmed local cases ( 11 in Baoji, 1 in Hanzhong, 3 in Tongchuan) in Shaanxi, 8 previously confirmed cases were discharged from the hospital. 

Since March 5, a total of 358 confirmed local cases (92 in Xi'an, 214 in Baoji, 31 in Hanzhong, 1 in Yangling Demonstration Zone, 16 in Tongchuan, 4 in Xianyang) were reported in Shaanxi, among whom 27 were discharged from the hospital, and 331 are still in hospital now.

From March 19, 2022 at 22:00, the following 4 areas in Xi'an were adjusted from medium-risk areas to low-risk areas

Canton Palace, No. 256, Dongxin Street, West 1st Street, Xincheng District

Hanting Hotel (Wanshou Road Metro Station Branch), Changle Mid Street, Xincheng District

Hyatt Regency Hotel, No. 988 East Qujiang Pool Road, Qujiang New District

Building 17, Vanke City Light neighborhood, Vanke Community, Qujiang New District

Upon adjustment, there are currently 11 medium-risk areas in Xi'an

Xincheng District (4)

Residential building in Nanchangxiang neighborhood, Shangpu Community, West 1st Rd Street, Xincheng District

Golden Times Apartment, Dongxin Community, Zhongshan Gate Street, Xincheng District

Xiao Yang barbecue restaurant, No. 130, East New Street, Zhongshanmen Street, Xincheng District

No.2 Building, Wanda Neighborhood, Zhongshan Gate Street, Xincheng District

Beilin District (3)

Jindu Building, Linyan Community, Wenyi Rd Street, Beilin District

Erdao Alley, Daxue East Road, Zhubei Community, Chang'an Rd Street, Beilin District

Building 1, Golden City neighborhood, Wenyi Road, Beilin District

Qujiang New District (1)

Building L3, Cuizhuyuan neighborhood, Yajule Community, Qujiang New District

Lianhu District (1)

Building 6, Jinhui Swan Bay neighborhood, Hongmiaopo Street, Lianhu District

Weiyang District (1)

Hongtu Xingcheng neighborhood, Weiyanggong Street, Weiyang District

Jingkai District (1)

Block A, B, Lijun V Era neighborhood, Fengcheng 1st Road, Jingkai District

Policies on resumption of public places

Middle schools, elementary schools and kindergartens can resume offline teaching

On March 18, Xi'an Epidemic Prevention and Control Command issued an important notice:

1.Starting from next Monday, March 21, middle schools, elementary schools and kindergartens can resume offline teaching.

2.For schools with confirmed cases in the latest round of the epidemic, the specific time of resumption will be determined upon evaluation by the epidemic prevention and control command and the education department in the district or county (development zone) where they are located. All types of training institutions shall continue the suspension of offline training. Secondary schools, universities and colleges in Xi'an shall continue to implement the relevant regulations of the Education Department of Shaanxi and the closed-off management.

3.All students and staff of the schools must have the negative result of 48-hr NAT to return to school.


On Mar 18, China Film Administration issued the notification that all cinemas in medium and high-risk areas shall be temporarily closed, and the attendance rate of cinemas in low-risk areas shall not exceed 75%.

Shuttle Bus Station

Due to the impact of the epidemic, from March 20, the North Passenger Station will temporarily suspend all lines of shuttle buses, resumption time to be determined. All lines of the West Passenger Station have also been suspended, resumption time to be determined.

Residents in Xincheng District, Beilin District, Qujiang New Area and Lianhu District are still under restriction on traveling. Residents in other areas who need to take shuttle buses are required to present the negative result of 48-hour NAT.