Regular transport resumes in Xi'an today

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Latest update on COVID-19 in Shaanxi

From 0:00 to 24:00 on March 21, there were 7 newly confirmed local cases (Baoji) in Shaanxi, 4 previously confirmed cases were discharged from the hospital. 

Since March 5, a total of 379 confirmed local cases (94 in Xi'an, 231 in Baoji, 31 in Hanzhong, 1 in Yangling Demonstration Zone, 18 in Tongchuan, 4 in Xianyang) were reported in Shaanxi, among whom 41 were discharged from the hospital, and 338 are still in hospital now.

Xi'an Epidemic Prevention and Control Command Office issued a notice yesterday about implementing epidemic prevention and control on a regular basis

1.Regular transport will resume in Xi'an. Residents from districts and counties with low-risk areas can transport with the green health code, no need to be checked with the negative result of 48-hour NAT. Residents from districts and counties in medium and high-risk areas shall not leave the city unless necessary, and for those who do need to leave the city, the green health code and negative result of 48-hour NAT shall be presented.

2.Business activities shall be resumed in an orderly manner. For catering businesses and other businesses in districts and counties with low-risk areas, the operation can be fully resumed; for businesses in districts and counties with medium and high-risk areas, operations can be fully resumed when the entire region is reduced to low-risk. In a certain time slot, dine-in attendees in the restaurant shall not exceed 50% of the number of seats. Cultural, sports, entertainment and other relatively enclosed places shall cap the number of visitors to 75 percent of capacity.

3.Operation upon imported cold-chain goods shall be strictly monitored. For personnel engaged in production, storage, logistics and sales along with the cold chain business, NAT shall be implemented every other day, the corresponding sites shall be implemented with sampling and testing every two weeks.

4.Gathering shall still be minimized. The number of attendees for meetings, training, exhibitions and other activities shall be limited, online meetings or video conferencing are suggested. Gatherings are suggested to be held as a family unit, which shall not exceed 10 people.

5.Please take active personal protection. Avoid crowds and do not gather when going out. If with symptoms such as fever, dry cough, malaise, sore throat, loss of smell (taste), nasal congestion, runny nose, conjunctivitis, myalgia, and diarrhea, please go to the fever clinic promptly. Please try to take the entire vaccination.

6.Epidemic prevention and control on a regular basis shall be strictly implemented. Communities (villages) and public places shall strictly implement health code scanning, temperature measurement, wearing masks, standing in a one-meter line, disinfection and ventilation, negative result of 48-hour NAT will no longer be checked. Personnel with a travel history in medium and high-risk areas must report to their communities (villages) and working places on time.

7.Management of closed and controlled areas will be strengthened. Before the lift-off, existing closed and controlled areas shall continue to strictly implement the corresponding control measures according to the provisions.

The above policies and measures start today.