Epidemic prevention tips for visitors to Shaanxi

source:           editor:Wenny

From 0:00 to 24:00 on April 17, there were 2 newly confirmed local cases ( all in Xi'an) in Shaanxi, 4 previously confirmed cases were discharged from the hospital. As of 24:00 on April 17, there were 31 confirmed patients in the hospital and 12 confirmed patients were under central isolation and medical observation.

Epidemic prevention tips for visitors to Shaanxi

1.Familiarize with the epidemic prevention regulations in Shaanxi in advance, and do not return if not necessary;

2.If it is really necessary to return, report to your destination community (village), workplace, or the hotel to stay 24 hours before arrival;

3.Plan your travel route reasonably on your way to Shaanxi, and conduct well personal protection all the way;

4.Upon the arrival in Shaanxi at the first gateway, actively cooperate with the epidemic inspection and related control measures;

5.Have timely health monitoring and nucleic acid testing, before the risk is ruled out, going out will be strictly prohibited;

6.Upon receiving the risk notice from the epidemic prevention and control department, promptly report to the local community (village) and follow the corresponding arrangements;

7.Put personal toiletries and utensils separately from family members during stay-in-home health monitoring, have separate meals from family members and keep a safe distance;

8.Disinfect the room regularly during stay-in-home health monitoring, wash hands regularly and ventilate frequently;

9.Stay careful even upon the end of health monitoring, carry the mask all the time, replace the masks frequently in summer, and dispose of them in designated areas.