Tip for intl visitors to apply temporary driving permit in Xi'an

source:CNWEST           editor:Zhang Wenni

In recent years, Xi'an, as the starting point of the ancient Silk Road, has seen its international influence growing steadily. An increasing number of foreign friends are coming to Xi'an for work, study, tourism, and business ventures, establishing close ties with the city.Numerous inquiries are made about matters such as whether foreign driving licenses can be directly used to operate motor vehicles in Xi'an.Unfortunately, foreign driving licenses can not be used directly to drive motor vehicles in Xi'an.

However, according to relevant regulations, foreign drivers holding overseas driving licenses who are staying in China temporarily and meet the application criteria may apply for a temporary driving permit valid for 3 to 12 months.

Tips for international visitors to apply for temporary driving permit in Xi'an

Foreigners should first go to the local police station within the residential jurisdiction in Xi'an to obtain the Registration Form of Temporary Residence. Please be noted that this form must be issued by the police station in the area of residence. Afterwards, with the foreign driver's license and passport, they should visit a qualified translation company to have their foreign driver's license and passport translated. Finally, with the original documents, a photocopy of the translation company's business license stamped with the company seal, and two recent one-inch, white-background, full-faced photos with the subject dressed in dark clothing, they can proceed to the Vehicle Management Office in Xi'an. 

It should be noted that to apply for a temporary motor vehicle driving license in Xi'an, the residence permit on the visa must be valid for at least three months. Upon completion of the procedures at the Vehicle Management Office, participants must also attend a one-hour session on Chinese road traffic safety laws and regulations.