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Traditional Cambodian Dance

Online streaming period:9.17-9.23  0:00—24:00


Brief introduction

Mantis Dance, also known as Robam Kous Trolaok (Coconut Shell Dance) . This dance originates from Svay Rieng, Khet in Cambodia and is named after the dancers who imitate the movements and postures of a praying mantis. It is a popular wedding dance and is commonly performed at the point where the groom travels to the bride’s home.

Farming Harvest Dance, a traditional dance of the indigenous ethnic groups living in Mondulkiri, Khet in the northeastern highlands of Cambodia, shows the busy scene of farmers pounding rice or harvesting rice.

Dance Drama Dances for Russia

Online streaming period: 9.21  14:00—22:00



(1)My Siberia

(2)Lyrical Siberia

(3)On the Bench

(4)At the Edge of the Village

(5)Kaczynski’s Grandfathers

(6)Well Side


(8)Joyful Siberia

(9)Castanets Round Dance

(10)At the Edge of the Well

(11)On the Livestock Farm 

(12)A Dance Between the Spoon and the Birch Bark

(13)On the Bridge

(14)In the Evening of the Countryside 

(15)Along the Street


Recital by Italian piano virtuoso and conductor Vanessa Benelli Mosell

Online streaming period: 9.21  14:00—22:00



Third movement composition NO. 2

Corelli Variations


Suite bergamasque

Rhapsody No. 6

Manu Dibango's Symphonic Safari, Live at the Grand Rex

Online streaming period: 9.22  14:00—22:00



Manu Dibango, Soul Makossa

Manu Dibango, Douala Serenade

Bill Doggett, Eventide

Manu Dibango, Soma Loba

“Living Being” Live in Nevers at D’Jazz Nevers Festival

Online streaming period: 9.23  14:00—22:00



Sonny Bono, Bang Bang

Vincent Peirani, Unknown Chemistry

Vincent Peirani, Enzo

Vincent Peirani, Kashmir To Heaven: I. Opening

Jimmy Page/Robert Plant/John Bonham, Kashmir To Heaven: II. Kashmir

Jimmy Page/Robert Plant/John Bonham, Kashmir To Heaven: III. Stairway to heaven


Face-changing Monologue, The Adventures of Mr.Mask

Online streaming period: 9.23  14:00—22:00


Brief introduction

The adventure of Mr. Mask, a one-man face-changing show, features each person’s mask to showcase the loneliness, desire, and humor of modern mask sales. This fusion of face-changing and Japanese modern theater, created in collaboration with the famous Japanese writer and director Mr. Nao Kato and Japanese staff, is a unique work in the real world.


Musical The Meeting of Two Birds

Online streaming period: 9.17-9.23  0:00—24:00


Brief introduction

After flying by themselves for such a long time, two birds of different species were surprised by their playful fate: A date. Bringing dance, clown and theater together, Fiu Fiu - a bird meeting is a light fly over a field of possibilities, a summer dance in a time of love between bird and bird.


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