Historical musical show well interprets Xi'an

source:           editor:Zhang Wenni

Recently, a brand new version of the large song and dance drama The Romantic Show of Xi’an was officially premiered. The sound and optical effects at the performance site were dreamlike, and the artistic conception of the high-tech stage was picturesque.

Grand performance The Romantic Show of Xi'an is based on the story of an ethnic Chinese girl returning to China and starting a journey to find ethnic roots and memories. The show boasts romantic poetry, the tough character of the Qin Dynasty, the Silk Road legend of thousands of miles, and the prosperity of Chang'an. The show does not simply express history but uses unique artistic expressions to capture the fragments of Xi'an culture and dedicate a well-known production to the audience. The stage effects are just breathtaking.

Scene I: The Light of Banpo


The towering Qinling Mountains, crossing the hinterland of China, become the endless root and source of Huaxia civilization. In the Neolithic era 6,000 years ago, to fight against nature, Banpo ancestors learned survival skills and created a brilliant Banpo culture.

Scene II: Zhou and Qin Dynasty



The Weihe River endlessly moisturizes the vast Guanzhong land, also giving birth to the brilliant Rites of Zhou and the Qin character.

Scene III: Han Envoy Zhang Qian


Since the Qin and Han Dynasties, the Northern Nomads have continued to launch the war of aggression to achieve the ambition of the Central Plains of Wrangler. In 139 BC, in order to unite Da Yue and eliminate the threat from the Huns to the Central Plains, the Han envoy Zhang Qian led a hundred-people ambassador group and headed west.

Scene IV: The Magnificent Tang Dynasty


From the Han envoy Zhang Qian to Xuanzang, this Silk Road from Chang'an in the east to Rome in the west generated exchanges and integration of Eastern and Western countries that are far from thousands of miles, which led to the Magnificent Tang Dynasty.

End: New Chang'an

The stories last for over a thousand years. The ancient and modern times meet here, and the romance continues to pass along. Chang'an, a city full of the glory of the Huaxia civilization, has become a legend.

The large matrix, which is tens of meters long, falls from the sky, rises and falls, gathers and scatters. Under the flipping and shifting of mechanical transmission, it is combined into a seven-color Great Wall. Together with the magnificent battle array of real Terra Cotta Warriors in midair, a thousand horses galloping and the ten thousand mile border fortress depicted by dynamic light and shadow, it immediately creates a dreamlike scene.


The Silk Road of thousands of years is the golden age of today. The sound of "Xuanzang's Return" opened the magnificent and unparalleled picture of the Tang Dynasty. With the support of the five-meter-high columns and beams, large hard scenery props, and the three-layered encircled palace stage, the performers reappear the western region's songs and dances of various styles.

The Romantic Show of Xi’an applies both virtual and real performance techniques and thus breaks the boundary between the stage and the audiences, enabling them to immerse in the epic changes of Xi'an during the past and now.