Explore featured 'Tang Market' at the 6th CIIE

source:Discover Shaanxi           editor:张怡馨

The Sixth China International Import Expo (CIIE) opened to the public on November 5 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai). The exhibition area of Shaanxi, featuring its National Pedestrian Street Grand Tang All Day Mall, delivered an impressive look and attracted various visitors. "Concubine Yang" "Li Bai" and other historical figures who went popular from the Grand Tang All Day Mall brought incredible vibrancy to the area.

The Tang-style music and dance performance at the exhibition area of Shaanxi caught the attention of many visitors

Ma Shunli, the inheritor of national intangible cultural heritage, presents delicate dumplings to the visitors

Various delicacies of Shaanxi were showcased at this year's CIIE, such as cuisine recognized as intangible cultural heritage, local quality products, historically famous liquor, globally traded fruits, featured local drinks, as well as Fu Tea, the processing techniques and associated social practices of which was added to the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2022.

Cultural and creative product featuring "Four treasured animals of Qinling"

Cultural and creative product featuring the "Roly-poly" dancing girl

Featured NPC "Concubine Yang" and "Li Bai" who became popular at the Grand Tang All Day Mall brought great vibrancy to the area.

There are also a variety of traditional-style costumes for the audience to try on and "travel" through the Tang Dynasty. The Shaanxi exhibition area created the scene of a classic Tang market, held all kinds of interactive activities, and offered the visitors a novel experience of strolling the market of the Tang Dynasty.

A total of 46 representative enterprises in Shaanxi were selected to showcase their products, focusing on time-honored brands, intangible cultural heritage, local specialties, and cultural and creative products. More than 300 kinds of products were presented on site.