Countdown! Commercial complexes in Xi'an to open

source:           editor:Zhang Wenni

Qujiang New Area: Xi'an MixC 

(Xi'an Central Culture Business Unit Branch)


Rendering of Xi'an MixC


Rendering of the Tree of Life Plaza, Xi'an MixC

Xi'an MixC has a total construction area of 565,000 square meters, including MixC Shopping Center, international hotels, international apartments, Grade A office buildings, and more. It is set to open in the fourth quarter of this year. The project will feature over 200 first stores and flagship stores in the Northwest region, as well as globally renowned restaurants. Currently, over 95% of top global brands in clothing, watches, and cosmetics have confirmed their entry.

Qujiang New Area: Qujiang MetaPark


As the core supporting facility of Qujiang E-sports Industry Park, Qujiang MetaPark covers an area of 44.03 acres with a total construction area of approximately 158,000 square meters. It will consist of 6 tower buildings and a 28,000 square meters block of commercial space. The commercial section will include trendy retail, specialty dining, and entertainment experiences, aiming to meet the needs of the surrounding "15-minute life circles". Currently, the project has confirmed the entry of a domestic fresh food chain supermarket, internationally renowned coffee chain brands, and fast-food brands, with an expected opening in the second half of the year.

Gaoxin District: Sports Window·NMC Center


Rendering of Sports Window · NMC Center

The Sports Window · NMC Center, formerly known as the Media Command Center of the 14th National Games, encompasses retail stores, experiencing programs, and dining. In the future, it will feature top international and domestic retail brands, the first sports experience center in Northwest China, as well as Black Pearl-marked restaurants (by Meituan and Dianping) and Michelin-starred restaurants. The project is scheduled to be completed and operational by the end of 2024.

Yanta District: Xi'an Huiju

The first shopping center under Huiju (home furnishing brand) in Northwest China and the second IKEA in Xi'an are expected to open on April 18th. The project brings together over 450 domestic and international brands, with retail and dining accounting for 70% of the total business units. Upon opening, the shopping center, with store sizes of around 1000 square meters, will provide the residents with a premium-level shopping experience.

Weiyang District: Longhu Weiyang Tianjie


Rendering of Longhu Weiyang Tianjie

Longhu Weiyang Tianjie has a total construction area exceeding 150,000 square meters. The project is positioned as the "ideal living space in the northern part of Xi'an City" and covers a population of around 350,000 within a 3-kilometer radius. It will fill the commercial gap in the eastern part of Jingkai District. Currently, a large chain supermarket, sports center, and cinema have confirmed their entry as the first flagship stores or beacon stores in northwest China, with the official opening expected by the end of the year.