Immerse yourself in the "rose waterfalls" in Xi'an

source:西部网           editor:Zhang Wenni

Recently, in Xi'an, roses are in full bloom, with branches cascading like waterfalls, and flowers shining like stars. The enchanting shades of pink attracted numerous people to take photos.

Today, we prepare a highly practical flower-viewing map and photo-taking guide. Let's seize the perfect moment under the sunshine and capture the beauty of these blooming roses together!

Qujiang Pool East Road


The flower wall along the way stretches for 200 meters, with layers of flowers blooming at the tips, exceptionally bright and eye-catching.

Xi'an City Wall Scenic Area

Walking under the city wall, you may capture clusters of roses blooming in the wind, resembling a pink waterfall beneath the ancient city wall.

Xingqing Palace Park


The fragrant Lady Banks' rose, resembling stars, also belongs to the rose family. In the pavilion of Xingqing Palace Park, layers of Lady Banks' roses bloom on their vines, offering visitors an irresistible visual feast of spring.


Resting by the flowers under the railing is the most pleasant thing to do on a spring day.

Xianghong Road in Qujiang New Area

On the white arbor, branches of Lady Banks' rose cascade down like a floral waterfall, swaying in the gentle breeze, drifting towards the ancient streets and alleys of Xi'an.

Tips for taking portraits with these "flower waterfalls"


Roses have bright colors, so you can choose light-colored or fresh clothing to match them.


Stand before the sea of flowers and slightly tilt your head back, then take a half-body photo. Your confidence and natural beauty will resonate with the flower sea. At the same time, maintain a smile or a relaxed expression to make yourself look more charming and amiable in the photo.

Interact with the flowers

Interact with flowers by smelling, touching, and observing them. Mastering these interaction skills can help you better integrate into the environment.

Take the portraits with a half-body or back view

We strongly recommend you take the portraits from the side or back to easily create a cinematic or movie-like feel.