Shaanxi crafts shine at intl fair in Italy

source:           editor:Zhang Wenni

Recently, the Shaanxi delegation participated in the 88th International Crafts Fair - Fortezza da Basso, Florence, in Italy. The participation is one of the "Shaanxi Shining Globally" overseas promotion activities organized by the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce in 2024. The Shaanxi delegation was composed of multiple inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, presenting a variety of handicrafts such as dough figurine, shadow puppets, paper-cutting, Wu Gong embroidery, embroidery with the tiger element, wheat straw paintings, Yaotou ceramics, and more.


The exquisite handicrafts from Shaanxi and the skilled performances by inheritors of intangible cultural heritage attracted international attention to Shaanxi.


The International Crafts Fair - Fortezza da Basso, Florence, founded in 1931, is the oldest in Italy and one of the most prestigious in Europe. The fair this year attracted over 450 exhibitors from 28 different countries and regions to join. 


On the first day of the fair, the Shaanxi booth captivated many exhibitors and visitors with its unique Eastern art and presentation style. Local Italian school teachers brought students to watch the making of Shaanxi's intangible cultural heritage dough figurine and 3D printing technology.


Representatives from various Shaanxi enterprises and inheritors of intangible cultural heritage engaged in extensive exchanges with craftspersons, enthusiasts, and trading companies from around the world at the fair, fully showcasing the unique charm of Shaanxi's handicrafts. Members of the Shaanxi delegation expressed that this event would help further expand their presence in the international market, enabling more people to appreciate and become familiar with traditional Chinese handicrafts, and facilitating joint exploration with industry peers of the development path for intangible cultural heritage crafts.

Upon this international fair, the Shaanxi delegation will also establish connections with Italian and other European handicraft companies and institutions, laying the groundwork for future collaborations that will drive innovation and growth of China's handicraft industry. This will also facilitate cultural exchanges, cooperation, and the high-quality development of cultural trade overseas.