Coffee shops hidden in fascinating parks

source:           editor:Zhang Wenni

Early summer has arrived, find a tranquil place to relax, daydream, enjoy the scenery, and savor the rich aroma of coffee amidst lush greenery. It will be quite delightful.Today, let's explore the coffee shops hidden in the parks of Xi'an.

Qujiang Pool Heritage Park图片


Pushing open the glass door, you will be mesmerized by the lush green lawn and the beautiful scenery of the Qujiang Pool.Through the floor-to-ceiling glass window, one can capture the willow branches swaying in the wind, the sparkling lake water, and people strolling in the park. Sip on rich and aromatic coffee and feel the time slowing down.

Xingqing Palace Park图片

This coffee shop is a diverse cultural and artistic space that combines coffee and art. The shop's design, with its traditional "turret" style and abundant artistic atmosphere, attracts many trendsetters and students to come here for a visit or study.The coffee shop has indoor seats on the first and second floors, with a terrace on the third floor. Many large tables are provided for people to study, and the coffee shop operates 24 hours, catering to those who enjoy reading late into the night.

Located in Xingqing Palace Park, the coffee shop carries a strong historical vibe. Whether it's a gathering in the afternoon or dressing in Hanfu for a photo at the corner tower, every corner of the space tells its own story.The shop offers light meals, bread, and a variety of coffee. A simple yet classic combination can evoke a sense of happiness within you.

Tang City Wall Heritage Park


The shop is located in the Tang City Wall Heritage Park, surrounded by lush green trees and endless grass. Through the huge glass windows, you can capture the vibrant greenery.


Just sit on the outdoor terrace, chat with friends, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the picturesque early summer.Savor a rich and aromatic cup of coffee, accompanied by a delightful pistachio croissant pastry, and fill your heart with tranquility and joy.

Daming Palace National Heritage Park

Inside the Daming Palace National Heritage Park, a distinctive coffee shop brings out all the charm of this legendary palace. Here, you will encounter various Tang-style coffees with historical stories behind them. 


Danfeng Americano is named after the Danfeng Gate of Daming Palace. The coffee is thus endowed with a poetic and dreamy vibe, slightly bitter and sweet, with an intense and mellow texture. Take a sip, you may travel through time and space, standing in front of the ancient Danfeng Gate and feeling the unique charm of history.


This featured coffee with black and white sharply contrasted, vividly illustrating the hustle of Chang'an City during the day and the liveliness of the night market. While tasting the blending of coconut milk and espresso, you might travel back to that splendid night.

While you visit the Daming Palace next time, feel free to enjoy the featured Tang-style coffee here and the charming history behind it.

Feel free to mark these featured coffee shops resting in the parks of Xi'an, and enjoy a delightful blend of greenery and rich coffee aromas.