Young Shaanxi folk embarks on hiking from Xi'an to Rome

source:           editor:Zhang Wenni

On June 25th, in China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the media team of "The Thousands of Miles on the Silk Road" met with a young man from Shaanxi named Cheng Long, who goes by the name "龙行者" on social media.

Cheng Long, a brave adventurer with wild dreams, set out from the historic city Xi'an. Over the past 219 days, with unwavering faith and extraordinary perseverance, he finally arrived at the Horgos port by foot.

Cheng Long has been holding a grand dream in his heart. He aims to walk along the ancient and mysterious Silk Road all the way to Rome over two and a half years, which is a historically significant and challenging trek.

Cheng Long has successfully completed the domestic section in China, facing numerous hardships and challenges along the way, but also experiencing countless moments of inspiration and growth. Next, he will embark on a new journey of trekking through the five countries of Central Asia.