Direct flights resume from Xi'an to Budapest

source:           editor:Zhang Wenni


Xi'an Xianyang International Airport and China Eastern jointly hold the ceremony to resume the Xi'an-Budapest passenger flight route

On June 29, China Eastern's flight FM891, carrying 234 passengers and 185 pieces of luggage, took off from Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, heading directly to Budapest, the capital of Hungary. This marked the official resumption of direct flights between the two cities.The outbound flight FM891 from Xi'an to Budapest departs Xi'an at 12:20 Beijing Time every Saturday and arrives in Budapest at 17:00 local time on the same day.

The return flight FM892 from Budapest to Xi'an departs Budapest at 19:00 local time every Saturday and arrives in Xi'an at 10:00 Beijing Time on Sunday.

Xi'an is the largest international aviation hub in Northwest China, while Budapest is the cultural intersection in Europe. The resumption of this route will further enhance the flights from Xi'an to Europe, enriching Shaanxi’s international flight network. It will create new opportunities for trade, people-to-people exchanges, and tourism between the two cities, better serving people's growing demand for international travel.