'International Carbon Detective' Decrypts 'China's Green Electricity'

source:CRI Online           editor:张怡馨

The dream about China that Parun seeded in childhood has encouraged him to overcome all the obstacles to visit China. Six years ago, this young Bangladeshi man came to study in China with great enthusiasm for Chinese culture. Since then, he has developed a strong bond with the country. This June, he took a wonderful trip of "green electricity" to the State Grid Shaanxi Electric Power Company, together with Mostafa Kamal, Assistant Defence Attaché of the Bangladesh Embassy in China. This trip ignited his interest in China's electricity. Now, driven by his original aspiration to build up his hometown, he chooses to be an "international carbon detective" and comes to Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, the place where Mount Hua meets the Yellow River, to decipher how one kilowatt-hour of green electricity illuminates countless houses across mountains and rivers.