Enjoy art and coolness at these exhibitions

source:西部网           editor:Zhang Wenni

The heat is still going strong, how about having an art travel with us, embracing coolness and serenity at various exhibitions in Xi'an.

Design Exhibition of Katsumi Asaba


Katsumi Asaba is the founder of Tokyo TDC, recognized globally as a contemporary graphic design master with outstanding achievements in graphic design and advertising design.


In addition to the well-known posters, advertisements and other classic works of this design master, the exhibition also boasts his greeting card design, the design journals based on years of experience, and some precious creative manuscripts, many of which are unveiled in China for the first time.This is the most diverse and comprehensive solo exhibition held by Katsumi Asaba in China.

Exhibition Time: Till 2023.8.20, 10:00-21:00

Ticket: Free

Location: Xi'an City Image Museum

「Seasons of Cézanne」The Immersive Experience


Picasso referred to him as "the father of us all" and claimed him as "my one and only master", and this legendary art master is regarded as one of the "Three Masters of Post-Impressionism" together with Van Gogh and Gauguin. He is Paul Cézanne.The first immersive art exhibition in Northwest China featuring multi-folded digital images, this exhibition recreates Paul Cézanne's art world with light and shadow.


Indexed by Cézanne's early work The Four Seasons, the exhibition elaborates the story of Cézanne's great art and his legendary life.

Exhibition Time: 2023.08.12-2024.03.31, 10:00-22:00

Please find ticket details on ticket platform Damai

Location: No. 2 Studio at Xi'an Film Studio

「YANG」Ancient Chinese Carpets Exhibition


Ancient Chinese carpets, that is, handmade fabrics made of natural wool and cashmere through processed twisting, plant dyeing and hand-weaving techniques.Ancient Chinese carpets, which have a history of more than 2,000 years, have been transported from west to east in China since Zhang Qian's envoy to the Western Regions, leaving cultural symbols of various regions and ethnic groups and witnessing historical changes.


This exhibition gathers featured collections of ancient Chinese carpets by several Chinese collectors, fully demonstrating Chinese classical aesthetics.

Exhibition Time: Till 2023.08.31, 9:00-18:00

Please find ticket details on ticket platform Damai

Location: Qujiang Hall of the Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Center

Picturesque Landscape: Exhibition of Ancient Chinese Masterpieces of Landscape Paintings


The exhibition boasts the most representative landscape paintings of China's past dynasties (replicas of the Japanese Nigensha Collection from the Xi'an Art Museum), showcasing masterpieces by masters from the Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing and other dynasties.


The Chinese landscape paintings focus on the natural landscape of mountains and rivers.The representative works comprehensively reflect the development and historical evolution of Chinese landscape painting. Viewers can not only see the ancient Chinese classics up close, but also feel the breadth and depth of Chinese classical painting art.

Exhibition Time: Ongoing (ending time TBD), 10:00-22:00

(closed on Mondays except for holidays, last admission 21:30)

Ticket: Free, appointment needed (search "西安美术馆" in Alipay to make appointment)

Location: Hall 3, 2nd floor of Xi'an Art Museum

Call your buddies and check out these characteristic exhibitions together! Dive into the sea of art and continue your joy this summer!